Behind the scenes - Winnipeg Baby and Kids Show!

It was the Winnipeg Baby and Kids Show this weekend.  This was our third year attending and it has always held a special place for us.  Three years ago we did the show for the first time.  We were terrified as it was our first big trade show and we had no idea what to expect.  We had a small 10x10 booth with a few pictures and as much stock as we could sew.  We were run off our feet the whole weekend and had a great time.  We trained Shaun (Sandra's husband) to size slings and he helped us do demos and answer questions.  (He has come to help at the show every year since then). 

Fast forward three years and here we are!  We have done trade shows from Vancouver to Toronto and love meeting new moms and growing our list of retailers.

This year we made a last minute decision to give our booth a facelift!

    We started with a new floor:                                            

  Then we built 'brick' walls:
Unpacked many many boxes...

 Added some lighting, shelves and product and voila!

Also new is our apple basket stand, all stocked and ready to go.
This year was busy like all the others and we had a great time!  If you weren't able to make it out, please visit one of our awesome retailers!


Laura said...

The booth looks great!

Anonymous said...

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