Winner of the Photo Contest

And the winner is... Nina Goethals!  Nina, please email us and we will send you a code to use your $10 gift certificate.

Thanks to everyone who shared such adorable photos with us!

We want to see YOU!

We've been going through some of our older photos and thought it might be fun to see some of your pics too!  Go to our Facebook Page and post a picture of your baby in one of our carriers - we'll be giving away one $10 gift certificate for every 5 pictures that get posted (one picture per person please).  Contest ends September 28 and winners will be chosen randomly and announced on our blog on October 1.  

We can't wait to see all your little cuties!  Have fun!

By posting your pictures you are agreeing to allow us to share and use them in promotional materials.

New Print Givaways!

Meet our new prints!

Its no secret that we have just a little bit of a fabric addiction.  We are so excited about our latest batch of new prints and figured we'd get them started with a bang by giving some away!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck!

We want to see you... on You Tube!

Make your own review video of our Reusable Snack Bags and show the world why you love them!  

There will be PRIZES!!

Everyone who enters will have a chance to win one of two $25 gift certificates and we will be offering a $75 grand prize gift certificate to the person with the best video.  

Here's how it works: 

1. Get creative and make a video review! 
2. Upload your video to (please use the following tag words when you post: reusable snack bags, litterless lunch, the sling sisters)
3. Post the link to your video on our facebook page to be entered.  Note: by posting the link you are agreeing to allow us to use your video for promotional purposes.  
All videos must be posted by 12 noon on Thursday, April 12.

How to get brownie points:

Mention a retailer: can be the store you purchased from, or one in your area that carries our products (the store you mention will receive a special gift from us – limit of one per store, one store mention per video please)
Show our snack bags (making sure the tag is visible)
Be original, creative – even crazy!

Facing in or facing out - what's a baby to do?

We are often asked if babies can face out in our wrap.  The answer is yes, however we do not recommend doing it and here’s why:

Facing In: Your baby’s weight is held close to you and is distributed evenly throughout your back, shoulders and hips.

Facing Out: Your baby’s legs hang down and their weight pulls away from you, making them feel heavier as your body strains to compensate.

Facing In: Baby’s hips and spine are well supported with his/her knees positioned above the bum and legs spread wide as though in a sitting position.

Facing Out:  Baby’s weight rests on the crotch as legs hang down.  Hips and spine are not supported and in tall babies their feet can dangle at the crotch level of the wearer (not cool, if they are at all interested in swinging those little tootsies)

Facing In: Baby can see you, rest their head on your chest or hide their faces if they need a break from the world around them.  If they fall asleep their heads can be tucked in (remember to always keep their face visible) so their neck is supported and they are cozy.

Facing Out: Baby is ‘hung out to dry’ and is not able to physically connect with you if he/she becomes scared, over stimulated or tired.  If baby falls asleep his/her head slouches down leaving their necks unsupported.

Now, I know what you are thinking – “but my baby wants to see the world!”  As they should, there are so many things to see!  Here’s how to make it work:

Get in the habit of turning sideways when you are talking to someone or looking at something.  If you are turned to the side and involve your baby in conversation and talk about the things you are looking at.

If your baby is really persistent, you can tie your wrap off to the side a little so your baby sits more on your hip increasing visibility even more.

A pouch sling moment

Lori here.  My little guy will be 2yrs old in April and is now 28lbs.  I don't carry him often anymore but he can still fit in both my wrap and pouch sling.  The other day he fell asleep on the drive to the doctor's office and I just  happened to have my sling under a pile of stuff in the van.  So I dug it out and tossed it on, carefully pulled him out of his car seat and put him in, then put my coat over us, grabbed my purse and we were off.  He woke up but was so cozy and snuggly.  After a walk through a parking lot and two elevators, we were there.  I think he was in for about 7 minutes at the most, but we both loved it!  If only I'd thought to take a picture...

Behind the scenes - Winnipeg Baby and Kids Show!

It was the Winnipeg Baby and Kids Show this weekend.  This was our third year attending and it has always held a special place for us.  Three years ago we did the show for the first time.  We were terrified as it was our first big trade show and we had no idea what to expect.  We had a small 10x10 booth with a few pictures and as much stock as we could sew.  We were run off our feet the whole weekend and had a great time.  We trained Shaun (Sandra's husband) to size slings and he helped us do demos and answer questions.  (He has come to help at the show every year since then). 

Fast forward three years and here we are!  We have done trade shows from Vancouver to Toronto and love meeting new moms and growing our list of retailers.

This year we made a last minute decision to give our booth a facelift!

    We started with a new floor:                                            

  Then we built 'brick' walls:
Unpacked many many boxes...

 Added some lighting, shelves and product and voila!

Also new is our apple basket stand, all stocked and ready to go.
This year was busy like all the others and we had a great time!  If you weren't able to make it out, please visit one of our awesome retailers!

The best weekend of the year!

The Winnipeg Baby and Kids Show is one of our favourite weekends of the year!  This year is especially great as the Backyardigans will be there and we (I mean our kids) are huge fans.  We are giving away 4 tickets to this event.
Enter to win one of four tickets!


Thanks for a great evening everyone!  Hope you enjoyed yourselves.

We will be leaving the posts up overnight and will review all the comments when we get out to the shop tomorrow morning so you can comment for the products that are available.

Free shipping online will be active overnight as well.

Thanks again for joining us - have a great night!

Lori & Sandra

P.S. Please remember to email with confirmation of your purchases and let us know if you'd like to use paypal or credit card.  We will be available all day tomorrow if you'd like to call with credit card info.

One last thing! New Wet Bag Print $15

Anyone love it?  We just have the one seconds for right now...

Giveaway Winner: JCPROCYK

You win a custom fitted pouch sling in a print of your choice, please get us your contact information so we can arrange shipping and sizing.


Organic Cotton Sherpa Washcloths 10 for $10

These make excellent reusable diaper wipes.  Use them for in the bath, the kitchen, or have your own secret stash to wash your face at the end of those looooooong days!

Because we love you all so much!

Free shipping applies to purchases made here tonight as well as any online orders made through our website.  When we wrap things up feel free to head over to and add anything you'd like, just put a note in the comments that you have ordered here as well so we can combine it all together.

Double the Pirates - Double the Fun! $10

2 of these bad boys!

Skate, Guitar, Lunch! $25

This lunch kit has a skaters lunch bag, guitars sandwich bag, bike and black lagoon small snack bag.

One legged Owl $28

This is a 'one legged owl' extra large wet bag!  We noticed this morning that we missed a strap and instead of taking it all apart, thought someone might appreciate the uniqueness of this one! :)

Purple Kids Sling $15

We just have one, this is something we make every once in awhile... Kids slings are great for older siblings, fits 1-4yrs - great for carrying dolls, toys, food, rocks...

Black Lagoon Regular Wet Bag $15

Guitars XL Wet Bag $29

We have 2 of these!

Had a baby?

We're going big tonight!  If you've had a baby recently, please leave a comment letting us know when your bundle of joy arrived (remember to add your name so we can find you!)

The winner will get a whole pouch sling, yes that's right, a whole pouch sling!  'Cause what good would half of a pouch sling do??

Blue Animals Wet Bag $15

The picture is of a lunch bag, but the listing is for a regular wet bag - it is the last one!!


Anyone else listening to the coffee house station on Sirius tonight?  It is my favourite, but really makes me crave Starbucks!

Amanda YOU win!

Amanda, you win a snack and sandwich bag of your choice, email us your info and comment with your choice and we will get it in the mail tomorrow!

Black Lagoon Sandwich Bag - $6

Scoot Scoot Scooters! 4 for $20

We have 2 pink and 2 green small scooters bags in this kit for $20

Skater & Pirate Small Snack Bags $10

Ahoy Dude!

Raspberry Orange Extra Large Wet Bag $29

This picture is of a regular sized bag, but the listing is for the extra large with two straps at the top.  The bag is perfect but has a purple-ish zipper that we feel a little weird about - so we're calling it a seconds :)

Giveaway?! I think it is time...

To be entered into this give away please leave a comment with the items you would like to see up for sale tonight.  We have a ton of seconds in the shop right now and will be happy to prioritize for you!

For your comment you will be entered into a draw for a Small and Large Snack bag of your choice.

Swirls Mud Regular Wet Bag $15

We have 3 of these!

Who wants to pay for shipping?

We do!  We do!  All orders placed tonight will be shipping for free (Canada only).  That's right FREE!!!

Regular Wet Bag $15

Lime Hawaii!  There's just one!

Limited Edition Wet Bag $15 each

We only made two of these - there is nothing wrong with them, but with just two we don't want to photograph it etc...

Anyone looking for wet bags??

We have a few coming up - get ready!

Love your Snacks - $20

Transportation Style!  This kit includes one pink and one green scooters as well as a blue bike and yellow bike small snack bag.  4 bags in total!
Ready, Set, Go!

Here they are!

Meet our new prints!  The one on the right is Jewel, but we need a name for the one on the left.  Any ideas?

New wrap print!

Anyone want to see a new wrap print??  We've been very busy shopping!

Any boys out there? $11

What's not to love about this one?  A large chocolate animals and the absolute last ever small mountain toys bag!  Sandra found this one hiding behind a box this afternoon!

Glorious Girl Love Your Lunch! $25

This includes a Funky Flowers Lunch Bag and Sandwich Bag and 2 scooters small snack bags (one pink, one green).

Drum Roll Please!

The winner of tonight's first giveaway is....  Jillian Riddell!  Congratulations!  Jillian, please send us an email and we will send you a code for your $10 gift certificate!

Picnic Ants and Raspberry Orange Small Snack Bag $10

Ants + Raspberry Orange = Perfection!  Sorry about the sideways picture :)

Double Scooters! $10

This post is for 2 Small Scooters Snack Bags.  You are not going crazy, the scooters on the front of the bags are upside down... flip the bag over and they are the right way, perfect for when you're having one of those backward "up is down" kind of days!

First up! Small Black Lagoon Snack Bag - $5

Comment on this post if you want it!

Let's get started with a giveaway!

Our first giveaway is a $10 gift certificate (yes, you can even use it tonight).  To enter, make sure that you have 'joined' the facebook event for the sale.  Do it now - we'll be choosing a winner soon!

Ready, Set... Seconds Sale!

Welcome to our first Seconds Sale of 2012!  

Thanks for joining us, here's how its going to work:  we will post items for sale on our blog, if you want it just leave a comment on the blog post with your name.  The first person to comment will get it.

We will be posting links on our facebook page as well, but only the comments on the blog will act as purchases.  Please keep track of your purchases and send us an email at the end of the evening confirming your items and let us know if you'd like us to send you a paypal invoice or will be calling to pay by credit card.

Get comfy and have fun! :)

Seconds Sale! February 14, 7-9pm

Those who have participated before will tell you that our seconds sales are awesome!  We get together and post all of our products that have minor flaws for a great price, we also do giveaways and try to keep it entertaining!

You never know what you might find!

Our seconds products are fully functional and have minor cosmetic flaws, sometimes they are missing a label, there could be a little funny stitching, you just never know.

The best part is you don't have to actually go anywhere!  We will be posting all of the items here on our blog (and linking to facebook) so if you see something you like, just leave a comment with your name.  Keep track of your purchases and send us an email at the end of the evening to confirm your order and we will email you a paypal invoice or you can call us with a credit card number.  Its that easy!

Be sure to let us know you're coming by joining the Facebook event and inviting your friends.

See you there!

Winner Winner!

Teri Tarrant is the winner of our Love your Lunch Giveaway!

Congratulations - please email us at theslingsisters @ with your mailing address and print choice so we can get your package out to you right away.


We're excited to welcome everyone to our new blog! Shall we kick it off with a giveaway? We think YES! We're giving away a Love Your Lunch kit to get started. This kit comes with a lunch bag, sandwich bag and two snack bags.